Thursday, September 26, 2013

F7 - Visual Studio - switch between aspx and "codebehind"

It was not working for me.
This is what I had to do:
  • Bring up customization dialog with "Tools\Customize..."
  • Bring up the keystroke mapper with "Keyboard..."
  • Set focus in "Press Shortcut Keys" text box
  • Press F7 or some other keystroke you want
  • The "Shortcut currently used by" box will show the command currently invoked by the keystroke.
  • Set focus to "Show Commands Containing" and type ToggleDesigner
  • This will select the View.ToggleDesigner command in the list box of commands
  • Next press the "Assign" button to assign the keystroke shortcut to the command.
  • Click "OK" to the keystroke mapper dialog
  • Click "Close" to the customization dialog