Friday, May 23, 2008

Code review

I just had to code review a project i have never seen before.
The result has to be a Word document, it's nice if it is not only one page :)

I copy - pasted a checklist from an other document, with questions like:
"Is the code easy to read easy to understand?"
"Is the code properly commented?"

Then I tried to find stuff that I didn't consider ok to be there.
I found a few stuff ... code (variables, functions) that was declared over and over again, instead of using one public instance.
Yeah. I know. And it is boring too.

Have you ever done anything like this before?
Do you have any ideas how to make something like this?

Basically the main idea is this:
The client would like to have an "outsider"-s review of the code (because of course the ones that are building the project - they think it's perfect).
The client will probably not understand a thing of it, but it will probably have a clue about what's what.

Tell me if you have something like a checklist, or a list with common mistakes.
I'd like to see new things sometimes.